Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness Still Happen in Grand Rapids, MI

StarbucksMy family and I spent the weekend with friends in Lansing. As we were making our drive home today, my wife and I decided to grab a little pick-me-up. We turned the Jeep onto the ramp and exited on 28th St. in Grand Rapids. There's a Starbucks there that I have been to several times. As we were eagerly awaiting a venti mocha for me, and a caramel machiatto for her, the kids were watching a movie in the backseat.

It's chilly and rainy today, and apparently we weren't the only ones craving some warm, caffeine loaded goodness. There were several cars in line, and a black Chevy Avalanche directly in front of us. The baristas were cranking out the java joy as fast as they were able.

As we pulled up to the window to pay for our order, the clerk informed us that the people in the Avalanche had already paid for our drinks. My wife took a couple seconds for that to sink in, incredulous that some random stranger would do such a thing. We were both pleasantly surprised.

smileI have done this a time or two myself, but never expected to be on the receiving end. It was a great feeling, and so easy to pass it on. The $7 or $8 those folks spent on our drinks bought a bright smile to a couple of road weary travelers, and gave is something pleasant to talk about for the next part of our drive.

Even better, our kids were with us, and they got to witness that random people still do nice things for each other. I have long taught my children the value of doing for others, and it was nice for them to see someone else putting it into action. Thank you, whoever you are, for setting a shining example for others to follow.

Next time your in a drive-thru, and the lines are long, or the weather's crummy, or for whatever reason, think about spreading some good cheer and commit a random act of kindness like this. I know I will.


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